Current Projects

Soil carbon & agricultural baselining

  • Continuing rolling-out our soil carbon baselining service to support landholders keen to know how much carbon exists in their soil, and then registering them for a future possible soil carbon project

Implementation plan development


  • Providing regenerative farming implementation plans to strategically assist farmers in developing a plantargeted at building soil carbon and enhanced biological productivity leading to enhanced profitability


  • Looking for and engaging with scientific bodies and technical partners to progress our remote sensing plans for soil condition monitoring

Methodology development

  • Participating on the Soil Carbon Working Group that is involved with continually updating the baselining Methodology
  • Developing tools for measuring on farm performance and recognising natural capital

Media & Outreach

  • Speaking and presenting to Landcare, community, industry and regional groups (live and via ABC regional radio) and raising awareness across the broader industry and business community
  • Hosting Project Drawdown Masterclass with Paul Hawken, highlighting the pivotal role regenerative agriculture can play in combatting global warming